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  • Beyond a Spa Day, Simple Tips to Transform Your Self-Care

    Our physical and emotional health are two different branches of our holistic life. There are also five other branches that are critical and should not be overlooked. In total, our lives can be broken down into seven subgroups of wellness
  • Lion's Mane, Nature's Magic Elixir

    Why would you ever want to consume a mushroom that looks like a weird hairy mass? 

    Lion’s mane is packed full of amazing benefits due to the various compounds present in the fruiting body and mycelium. Lion's Mane has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine. With all the benefits it is no wonder this mushroom is praised throughout the world.

  • Kick Your Cravings to the Curb

      Food companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make junk food as enticing as possible for us. The combination of mouthfeel and tas...
  • Overcome Your Analysis Paralysis and Live Fully

    ANALYSIS PARALYSIS: The act of thinking too much about a decision, causing you to take no action at all.

    I know many people who suffer from this. They can not choose a path, or they want to make an important decision but the importance of the decision paralyzes them with fear.

  • 6 Health Benefits From Drinking Kombucha

    WHAT IS KOMBUCHA? Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage. Created by combining black or green tea with yeast, sugar, and bacteria and allowing it to ...
  • Prevent This Season's Cold and Flu Naturally

    Once again cold and flu season is upon us with the changing of the seasons. One simple way to combat the pesky cold and flu season is to diffuse grapefruit essential oil in your home. It will help cleanse the air, and keep you focused and motivated with its calming and uplifting fragrance. 
  • What to do When Your Dream is on Hold

    Worthwhile dreams often feel too big to accomplish at times. You may be in a season that financial strains are causing you to step on the break. Coping with “pause” moments  is tough. How do you fill your time, how do you continue to pursue your dream without completely giving up in the face of adversity?
  • Tired? Have You Heard of Reverse T3?

    "Are you constantly cold in your hands and feet?"
    "Are your skin and hair more dry?"
    "Are you tired often?"

    Maybe it's time you took a look at your reverse T3 levels.

  • Balance Your Hormones With Seed Cycling

    In our lives today there are a plethora of hormone mimicking chemicals. These chemicals most often affect how we respond to estrogen, and can profo...

    If you enter into a serious relationship you want it to last. It can be scary putting your love out there unsure if you are going to end up heartbr...
  • Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

    Not all women want roses and chocolate for Valentine's day. Perhaps you do your best to purchase the perfect gift, but they never appreciate it as much as you think they will. Choosing the right gift for your special someone to show them how much you love and care for them is more simple than you would think. If you want to avoid this yearly struggle, one simple thing will change your life.
  • The Dark Side of Kindness

    Humility, kindness, support. These three traits all have a dark-side. Have you seen how these actions can wreak havoc in your life? Depending on how you grew up, you may fall prey to the flip-side of these actions.