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What to do When Your Dream is on Hold

Worthwhile dreams often feel too big to accomplish at times. You may be in a season that financial strains are causing you to step on the break. Coping with “pause” moments  is tough. How do you fill your time, how do you continue to pursue your dream without completely giving up in the face of adversity?


Just because you can not do what you love right now, doesn't mean it will never happen.

It is inevitable that if we cannot pursue our dreams a few things may happen:

  • Inspiration will move on to someone else
  • You get sucked into the rat race
  • You will worry about not being enough
  • You will find new ways to stay busy

Finding new ways to stay busy will help you keep going.

Just keep going! 



When you are moving forward, creating, doing something else you are curious about, you are keeping your channels of interest and creativity open. This leaves your life ready for new amazing ideas and endless possibilities.

Do not give up just because a challenge is in your path.

Ask yourself,

“What can this challenge teach me?”

“How can I work around this?”

“Maybe I need to take an alternate path.”

When our dreams get put on hold for whatever reason, a fear of inadequacy may set in. Do not listen to your negative thoughts. You have come this far, you have the dream, now it is just about how to take the journey towards the vision. Dig down deep and keep going. These are the moments that divide the achievers and those who just "talk the talk".

Your ability to create something does not depend on the positive reinforcement of friends and family. It must come from within. If your joy and satisfaction in your dream are only a result of affirmation, it will shrivel up at the first sign of difficulty. 

Strive to be better than you were yesterday. Top athletes understand this. Of course their goal is to be the best, but you cannot always measure yourself against others. You have to work to be YOUR personal best. Otherwise, once you reach the top there is no reason to keep getting better.



What are small steps and ways you can live now which will help your future goal?

  • Break down your dream into manageable tasks and smaller goals.
  • If you are at an impasse sit down and have a thinking session. What is the impasse and how can you overcome it, work around it, or build up to it?
  • Start taking baby steps in that direction
  • If you cannot do that, then ask, what is the foundation of your dream: Do you need land? Partners? Finances? Experience? Knowledge?

Begin working towards each of those pillars which are needed to make your dream a reality.

Stuck trying to find funding? Look at your dream from a different vantage point. You will ultimately reach the same end, the journey will undoubtedly have many twists and turns.

The key is to not stop. Keep working, keep pursuing, and continue to embrace things which spark curiosity and joy inside you.

Opportunities will arise as you continue to work towards bettering yourself and creating the future you desire. Inspiration follows motion, keep moving forward and life will be forced to move with you.