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  • Strengthen Your Self-Discipline

    Self-Discipline: Doing what needs to be done even when you don't feel like it.

    If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to have a certain level of self-discipline. Without this essential skill, you will easily become prey to laziness, apathy, and procrastination. Are you frustrated with the progress of your goals? It's time to take a hard look at your self-discipline.
  • One Difficult Realization That Will Drastically Change Your Life

    Have you ever set a goal for yourself and thought once you reached it your level of happiness would increase, but only found yourself momentarily joyful and then moving onward to the next thing to make you happy? Why is happiness seem so readily available for others, but you are constantly chasing it.
  • 10 Productivity Hacks to Optimize Your Day

    Feel like there are not enough hours in the day? There are! Get rid of time-wasters and maximize the hours you spend working to create the results you desire to achieve.
  • 8 Healthy Fall Dinner Recipes to Die For

  • Time to Detox Your Life

    It is important to create space in your life by letting go of the months that have passed this year so that you can fully embrace the new season to come.

  • Is Your Closet Ready for Fall?

    The hot summer months are coming to a close as September continues to creep up on us. It's time to start thinking about adding warm Autumn tones to your closet and stock up on leggings. Luckily, IAB has plenty of options to choose from!
  • How Healthy Are Your Relationships?

    Healthy relationships are not always easy to come by. No matter what you have been through there are 7 key attributes of healthy relationships that should not be overlooked. Are your relationships honest and uplifting? Let's check-in and see how healthy your relationships are.
  • Time-Saving Hacks for the Busy Mom

    After children, it seems as though time speeds up. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to get done. Here are 6 time-saving hacks to help you maximize your time and keep you sane.

  • Jumpstart Your Day With These 5 Tips

    Beginning your day with the right mentality is key to a successful and positive life. Start off your morning with five habits that will boost your mood and help your body be as efficient as possible. 

  • 10 Ways to Take Back Control

    It is easy to feel like life is out of your control, many aspects certainly are. There are, however, at least 10 things that you have control over all the time.
  • 10 Delicious Healthy Meals You Have to Try

    Looking to update your repertoire of healthy, yet delicious meals? Here are 10 delicious meals that are healthy and sure to make your tastebuds tingle with joy.