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Jumpstart Your Day With These 5 Tips

Beginning your day with the right mentality is key to a successful and positive life. Start off your morning with five habits that will boost your mood and help your body be as efficient as possible. 


After sleeping 6 - 8 hours your body is dehydrated. Try setting a glass of water by your bed for you to drink when you wake up. Your brain is 73% water! Often we grab our cup of coffee first, but caffeine dehydrates you further. Start with water, then think about that cup of coffee.

Drinking water also starts up your metabolism. Carbs and proteins need water to be metabolized through the body. By drinking that cup of water first thing in the morning you are giving your body what it needs. Also, you will help your brain not make the mistake of thinking you are hungry when you are actually thirsty.


Lion's mane supports focus, memory, and concentration. By stimulating nerve growth factor production, Lion's Mane helps maintain healthy neurons and grow new ones! Add it into a smoothie or your coffee.


"The world we have created is a product of our thinking and cannot be changed without changing our thinking" - Albert Einstein

Start with reflection and positivity rather than social media. When you journal or meditate you are preparing yourself mentally for a successful day. Compose your thoughts, reflect on your feelings, and allow them to pass on.

Meditation also has the added benefits of reducing stress and anxiety. When you slow your heart rate and breathing you are transitioned into the parasympathetic nervous system (known as the "rest and digest" state). Cortisol, (a hormone released in your body,) caused by stress, can often go unchecked. When cortisol is continuously active it can lead to depression, anxiety, concentration problems, weight gain, trouble sleeping, and much more.


The benefits of working out are known to pretty much everyone. You get endorphins flowing through your body and create the healthy happy body you have always envisioned.

Morning workouts are extra beneficial though. Morning workouts help you be active all day. You are inspired to keep moving and get things done.

It is also easier to be consistent. If you leave exercising for after your workday is over, you most likely will put it off. You will say you are too tired, or you will go tomorrow. In the morning the struggle will be to get out of bed, but once you are up and working out you will be thankful that you did and the rest of your day is for the taking.


Make a pact to yourself that you will not go to bed with a dirty kitchen or living room. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than having to do dishes first thing in the morning only to make more dishes to have to clean. Clean the dishes the night before and pick up anything laying around the house the night before.

Waking up to a clean slate is refreshing and boosts your mood. You can focus on conquering your day, rather than cleaning up yesterdays mess.


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