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How Healthy Are Your Relationships?

Healthy relationships are not always easy to come by. No matter what you have been through there are 7 key attributes of healthy relationships that should not be overlooked. Are your relationships honest and uplifting? Let's check-in and see how healthy your relationships are.


Do you always feel safe and secure? Individuals in a healthy relationship do not intimidate or manipulate. You both should be able to express concerns or anger without violence or intruding on the other person's personal-bubble. If you feel unsafe around an individual, this is a big red flag.



Honesty, vulnerability, authenticity. These are all huge areas of discussion right now. Talk about the difficult things, the happy things, the things you may feel shameful about. Communicate daily. When you are open and honest, and honesty is given in return, friendships blossom.



Do your friends take offense when you point out that they made a mistake? Are they able to take responsibility for their behaviors? The blame-game is childish. If they are unwilling to accept responsibility for their words and actions, they have a lot of growing up left to do.



Are you constantly in fear of your significant other cheating or doing something behind your back? Lack of trust degrades a relationship quickly. You should be able to trust your friends and loved ones to tell you the truth. Trust is one thing that is easily lost and hard to develop.

If trust has been broken before it is easy to fall into a cycle of fear and worry to avoid that pain again. With the help of these other healthy attributes, you can rebuild your ability to trust.


Admiration develops when you find someone who allows you to be completely yourself. You may not have all the same views, beliefs, or values, but you can still have conversations about the various topics without disregarding the other person.


Care for one another, build each other up. Remind one another of your strengths and work together on weaknesses. In difficult times, who do you turn to? Look for friends who can be non-judgemental. Offer one another encouragement. Life is tough sometimes, and true friends make it so much easier to get through the difficult moments.


Relationships are a two-way street. It should be 50/50, not 70/30 or 90/10. When you are picking up the emotional, physical, spiritual slack from another person it is exhausting. Not only is it tiring, but you are unable to grow together. Work as a team. Do they always have to be right? Or can you find win-win solutions?