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Need Inspiration? Look No Further!

In life, we all go through ups and downs. It can be a challenge to get back into the groove of things after a tough time.

Once you are in a funk, breaking the cycle and getting your mojo back doesn't always happen at the snap of your fingers. More often than not, it is a struggle to find the drive to return to activities and behaviors that make you a better version of yourself.

If you need some inspiration to jumpstart you back into your "go-get-it" lifestyle, here are a few ideas to get things moving.


When you get outside of your comfort zone you learn and grow. Try out a new hobby, even if you suck at it. Go for a hike, soak in some healing nature and take a break from the onslaught of technology around you.

By doing this you will gain new insights, take on new challenges, and meet new people. All great ways to get your inspiration flowing again.



When life throws you for a loop it is natural to lose sight of why you began your personal journey. Take time to reflect. What was your "why?"

Journal, meditate, pray, soak in the bathtub, drink your coffee...whatever you do to get your mind back on track, carve out some time and make it happen.

"You don't have time," you say? You can make time. Even if it just five minutes, it is better than nothing.

Ask the tough questions. Why are you feeling a lack of inspiration? Be honest with yourself. Try to reconnect with your original why, and let the fire within be lit again.


Invest in friendships with people who are hardworking, inspiring, tough, thoughtful, positive, and motivated. If you are hanging out with a Debbie-downer consistently, her traits are going to rub off on you. Instead, surround yourself with people who make you want to be a happier, healthier version of yourself.

The more time you spend with these people, the more likely you are to have some of their inspirational behavior and mindset rub-off on you.



Is your mind over-crowded with all the things you need to do? This is one of the biggest inhibitors of inspiration: stress. Share the load and delegate tasks to people around you rather than taking it all on your shoulders.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, have your kids help cook dinner or clean up around the house. At work make sure to give your employees tasks, just because you can do it faster and better doesn't mean you should do it all. Pick what is essential to get right the first time, and work on that. When your employees return with their finished task, work together to fine-tune it.

Whatever your goal or dream is, remember you are only human. It will take steady action each and every day to achieve what you have set your mind too.


Whatever you do, just do something. Go outside, phone a friend, begin writing, put on a cute outfit, take a shower. It may feel silly or useless, but if you are in a rut, anything outside of the ordinary can feel extraordinary.