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Life is too Short to Waste it Doing These 6 Things

The average American lives 78.6 years. That means you have on average 28,689 days to live your life to the fullest. Life is a journey. If you had a clock on your wrist counting down the hours and days until your death would you be living how you currently are? Here are six things many people are still doing that are a waste of these precious days.


Let's be honest, watching no TV probably isn't going to happen. Just remember everything in moderation. If you are constantly spending 3 hours watching TV (or scrolling through your phone), that is 90 hours of tv per month or 3.75 days of watching TV! In a year that totals 1095 hours of TV or 45 days of TV. That's a monumental waste of time.

Instead of wasting time watching TV, spend that time reading a book or talking with the people you love. At least cut TV time down to an hour a day instead of three.


Keep yourself in check when you get into a relationship. If you can't be trusted to hold yourself accountable find others to help. It is easy to lose sight of who you are. Often we try to morph into who that "perfect" person wants us to be, rather than who we actually are.

Life is far too short trying to be someone you are not. Doing this usually leaves you feeling a sense of "imposter syndrome". When you feel like an imposter you are left unhappy and unfulfilled. Be you, whatever that looks like.


Have you ever had a friend who constantly is complaining to you about troubles in their life, but never changes? This is a huge waste of time. Stop complaining and take action. Change whatever is bothering you.

If something is out of your hands; do you best, let go, and move on. Complaining doesn't change your reality, and if anything it just makes your life feel worse than it is. Don't believe the lie that your complaints make you more interesting. If you have nothing better to talk about then its time to find a different hobby.

Take action. If you don't like something, change it.



Are you constantly dating men who treat you like trash? Do you stuff your face with pastries after a hard day at work even though you are trying to lose weight? Self-destructive behavior is usually a cycle. You make progress, something happens, and you revert back to the previous unhealthy behavior.

It's time to break the cycle. Take responsibility for your behaviors. When you acknowledge that you self-destruct in various unhealthy ways you can then cut off the cycle and make permanent changes. It's not easy, but it's well worth the effort.


You can not change anyone who doesn't want to change. Change is up to the other person. Let that sink in. You can not change anyone who doesn't want to change (yes, I know I already said that). It is worth saying twice.

Do not date someone because you see their potential. Do not stick in a relationship because of promises of change. Actions speak louder than words. If you are the only reason they are "changing", the moment things get tough they will revert back to their previous ways. They have to want it.


Choose your path in life because it brings you joy. If you are choosing a career or life partner because it will make your parents happy, don't. (Of course, there are some cultures where this isn't a choice.) If you don't want to be a lawyer instead you really want to be an artist... do it to the best of your abilities. 

Live your life for you. Do not live life for someone else, parents or otherwise. When you do this it often leads to unnecessary bitterness and strife. If your family is unable to support you and what you love, that is okay. This is a painful lesson to learn, but if your dreams bring you great joy, stick with it. Life is far too short to spend it doing something you aren't passionate about.