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Four Ways to Celebrate Fall

So much has happened in the past 9 months, but you are also extremely close to finishing off this year. Fall is here and the cozy weather is slowly creeping its way into our lives.

Each change of the seasons has its own characteristic themes which give us an insight into how we can reflect and celebrate.

The transition from summer to fall is always beautiful as the leaves change to hues of red, orange, and yellow. Just like the world around you is changing, its time for some changes in your life as well.

There are a few fantastic ways to reflect on this season, you can do this alone, or with the people you love, but no matter what it will be an eye-opening experience.

Four Ways to Celebrate the Beginning of Fall

Reaping of Intentions

Hopefully, throughout the year, you have been setting various intentions and goals for yourself. This is the time to reflect on how those intentions panned out.

Have you followed through? Has your intention been fulfilled? Will a certain intention need to be continued onward towards the next year?

Once you have taken the time to assess which intentions you completed, and which you did not, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Create two sets of intentions: one for the individual month, and one for the rest of the year. If you need to carry over a couple of unfinished intentions, DO IT. Here is a template!

My Autumn Intentions

A few intentions that are awesome this time of year:

-Not using your phone after 8 pm

-Drinking more water

-Working out at least 4 times/week

-Forgive yourself for mistakes you may have made this year, and find closure

-Practice 30 days of gratitude

-Instead of binge-watching Netflix, read a book before bed.

Accept Abundance

It’s time to change our mindsets. It is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the upcoming holiday season. Instead of letting the holiday shopping creep into your mind, take the next 30 days to practice gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Each day sit for five minutes (or more if you have the time) and take in all that you are grateful for. This may be tough at first, but with practice, it becomes easier.

Soon you will not be looking at all the things you dread, but your mind will focus on the "awesome"! Don’t just make thankfulness only one day a year, make it every day.

Ideas to celebrate abundance:

-Write your gratitude down at least once a day

-Write “Thank You” notes to friends and family, just because

-Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or event

-Put together a “Thankfulness Jar” that the family can add one thing they are thankful for, for the month of October.

Make Room

Just like the leaves fall off the trees, you too need to shed the old to make room for the new. We tend to easily accumulate items, but perhaps you don’t need that 4th purse?

Making room clears the mind, it’s therapeutic. When you look at a freshly cleaned house don’t you find you are able to better form thoughts and be creative? Exactly. 

It’s time for a September cleaning! It may not stay clean long, but really take time to assess what you want in your life, will the items you keep help you achieve your intentions and goals?

Ideas to help you make room:

-Declutter the house

-Take a look at your wardrobe (anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months….it’s time for it to go)

-Any friendships this past year turned toxic? Time to say “bye-bye”.

-Anything pressing that you have been putting off? Get it done, check it off the list and stop having to think about it.

Get in the Season

Most people associate October and November with “thanks” and “abundance”. Whether that is an overabundance of candy you regret later or a lot of time with the extended family, it’s time to get in the season.

Even if you are not the most decorative individual putting up a few things here-and-there will be little reminders to be grateful and to stick to those intentions you wrote earlier.

Simple ways to get in the season:

-Buy a pumpkin/fall smelling candle (want to get super crafty, make your own candle!)

-Buy fall flowers

-Hit up a store and buy a cute little sign to place in a room of the house with words like “Give Thanks” or “Happy Fall Y’all”

-Cook some delicious seasonal recipes, butternut squash soup anyone?!


Fall is a beautiful time of year, words like “abundance” and “thankfulness” are constant topics of conversations. No matter who you are or where you are from a little declutter can always do some good.

Finish off the year strong with new intentions, and ask your friends/family to keep you accountable.

Take time to soak in all the wonderful things you have in your life. You may not have the life of someone else you admire, but that is okay. Remember to not compare their highlights with your reality.

Don’t forget to make room for the upcoming season. Start fresh, seek meaningful healthy relationships, and declutter the accumulated stuff in your house. Pack up a box and give it to Goodwill, someone will treasure your trash.

Finally, remember that the sweet smell of a pumpkin candle will warm your heart and remind you to stop for a moment and be grateful. Just like you stop and smell the roses in spring, stop and smell the pumpkins!