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Five Reasons Collagen Will Change Your Life

Looking for the secret to healthier younger looking skin and less joint aches and pains? Collagen may be the supplement you are looking for.

Collagen is naturally created in the body, but as you age its production begins to slow. This reduction in production is why wrinkles begin to appear, skin begins to sag, and joints may begin to hurt (that also can be due to many other things that accompany aging).

Collagen is all throughout your body. It is well known in the beauty industry for the bounce and elasticity it gives the skin. It also protects your organs, is in your bones, muscles and provides structure to your joints and tendons. 

 Collagen in the Body

There are multiple types of collagen on the market, but each as a distinctive difference.

1) Native collagen is composed of large triple helix chains of amino acids and is not soluble. I would not suggest eating this, I would probably throw up if I tried.

2) The second is hydrolyzed collagen (a.k.a gelatin). Gelatin is partially soluble, only in hot water. Think of jello, you mix it all together and then once it cools it re-solidifies.

Gelatin is created through a process of partial hydrolysis, which essentially breaks the once large triple helix chain into individual strands.

It's excellent for cooking yummy deserts, and pretty easily absorbed into your body.

3) Finally, there are collagen peptides. If you are looking for something easily digestible and also quickly absorbed by the body, this is the collagen for you.

Collagen peptides are taken one step further than hydrolyzed collagen. Completely broken down, its final form is small amino acid peptides. Remember, amino acids are the building blocks of life.

The fact that collagen peptides are wonderful because they can break down even in cold water! This means you can add it to pretty much anything. 


Here are the top 5 reasons you should add collagen to your daily diet:

Improved digestive health

Individuals with immune disorders like leaky-gut are recommended a high collagen diet to help rebuild the digestive tract. By strengthening the digestive tract you are able to absorb more nutrients.

Skin health

The amino acids in collagen help make your skin luminous and bouncy. Naturally, collagen production slows with age, causing the skin to sag more and fine lines to appear. Fear not, collagen is here to help! After adding collagen to my smoothie for 30 days I saw a reduction in the pink tones of my skin, a reduction in my fine lines and an overall tone and texture that I thought was gone for good.

Burn fat and gain muscle

Collagen contains a compound called glycine. Glycine is a key component when creating creatine. Creatine is linked to increased muscle mass and overall exercise performance.

Joint Health

Reduces inflammation

Collagen’s ability to help reduce inflammation actually begins in your gut. As a result of the improved digestion and a happy gut, the rest of your body reaps the rewards.

Joint health

Amino acids are vital in the building of joint cartilage. However, depending on how much protein you eat already, amino acids from protein and collagen will be treated the same. The only difference is how easily your body is able to convert the collagen into the useable amino acids.


Taking care of your mental, emotional and physical body becomes more and more important as we age.

Adding collagen to your daily diet is one habit that will improve your lifestyle now and in the future.

Two scoops a day will help you have fewer digestive issues like leaky gut or poor absorption, healthier skin, hair, nails and more. Plus you will have less inflammation and fewer achy joints, with all those benefits, collagen is definitely worth giving a go.

But don't forget, just like any supplement; give it a couple weeks to work its magic. Take it daily, and see how it helps your body!