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IAMB x SACTOWN Throwdown 2014

I AM BEASTMODE teamed up with HICFIT for the 2014 SacTown Throwdown, one of the largest CrossFit competitions in California. Athletes from CrossFit gyms in the Northern California region were up and active early for this strenuous event. Sleep Train Arena proved to be an excellent venue, as determined athletes pushed themselves to the edge with custom workouts specifically designed to test their endurance. Three events were run simultaneously in different areas, so spectators had their own workout travelling from one area of the stadium to another to catch their favorite athletes in action. Overall the action never stopped, I AM BEASTMODE had an opportunity to catch up with their own athletes Stephanie Perez, Courtney Bingham, and Carly Stockman, help promote HICFIT (Danny Wilson and Brad Soto) and watch other amazing athletes THROWDOWN!