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10 Behaviors to Develop a Better You

Looking for ways to progress and develop? There are many things you can do improve yourself. Here are ten behaviors you can address to make strides towards a happier, healthier you.


Both internal and external monologues affect your daily choices. If you believe you can do anything, the sky is the limit to your potential. If the words flowing from your mouth only break you down and diminish who you are, your actions and beliefs will follow that pattern of negativity. If you want to achieve greatness and a life filled with potential, you must begin from within.

Would you talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself? More often than not, no. Of course, we all need a slap in the face every once in a while. Those friendships are also important. If that is the only type of friendship you have with yourself, you are going to be left mentally beaten down.

Begin by changing a few aspects of how you talk to yourself daily. If you find that you often tell yourself how ugly you are, put up some inspirational quotes about beauty in your bathroom and read them as you get ready for the day. Prime your brain to change.


Your values and opinions are important. Do not shy away from discussions where someone may disagree with you. There are a time and place, of course, fighting digitally over the internet will do nothing.

Respect should be a foundation upon which you express your values and opinions. We are all here with our own beliefs and values that have been taught to us as children and fed to us through our culture.

Disagreement does not have to be a fight. It can be an invitation to see the world from another perspective. Work to be the best version of yourself.

You may learn something new that changes your perspective, you may solidify your values more, you may question what you have always believed.


Have you ever been stuck in that feedback loop from hell where no one can decide where to eat or what to do next? AWFUL! Usually, you do have an opinion, the problem arises when you want to please everyone.

Work to be more decisive. Even if you do not have a strong opinion, voice it. Break the loop, show everyone that making decisions isn't tough.

The more you practice, the easier it gets. This small practice will transfer over into other areas of your life.

10 Behaviors


Life is far too short to worry about small things. Save your stress for things that truly matter. It is easy to allow things to snowball into an avalanche of worries. We allow one small thing to grow into a much bigger problem than it is.


Fight for what you want. Anything in life worth having is going to be difficult. There will be a moment where you have to choose to fight or give up. Relationships, a promotion, your dream job, etc.

My husband fought hard for me, without his drive and determination, I would have continued traveling the world without a care. If he had given up when things got tough, we would not be married and expecting a baby.

You may simply have to dive into the deep end and hope that you can learn to swim. It will be terrifying, it won't be easy, but in the end, you will learn and grow as a result. You will most-likely surprise yourself with what you are capable of.


Criticism is vital to your growth and success. Ask for feedback and listen as a third party. If you are upset by criticism, it most likely means that they are totally right.

You are designed to protect a certain image of yourself. Maybe that is the "nice girl" or "super-mom" whatever it is whenever something directly contradicts that image you will want to lash out and disagree. Instead, listen, take it in. You can decide if it is worth acting on.

Criticism, just like failure can help you grow. It can feed a flame of defiance, it can open your eyes to a fault that you may be unaware of, or it can simply be a "thank you" and you let it roll off your shoulders. The choice is yours.


Embrace your success. When you succeed be proud of your accomplishment. Do not diminish yourself so others feel more comfortable. Do not downplay your hard work.

Take yourself out for a celebratory dinner, tell your significant other of your achievement. Soak in the joy and reward of your time and effort. Remember though, there is a line between confidence and narcissism.


Do not let fear dictate your success in life. Fear can inform your decisions, but it should not dictate your decisions.

For example, if you are graduating college and are terrified of what comes next, do not slink back into the easy path. Rather, pick yourself up and face your fear head-on. Take on the big interview and you might be amazed at the results.

SMALL BEHAVIORS (eye contact, fidgeting, slouching)

Do not shrink yourself down for others. It is proven that if you stand tall with good posture people respect you more. Even if you are not confident in a situation, fake it.

If you are going to an interview for a position you really want, but are lacking confidence, pretend to be the person you think deserves that position.

Stand in a few power positions and give yourself a pep talk. Take care of your appearance. Something as small as taking a shower, doing your hair, putting on a little makeup, or planning an outfit can go a long way for your confidence.


It is so easy to focus on the growth and development of others and avoid your own. Turn your focus inward. Become the best version of yourself. If someone wants you to help them grow and develop, let them ask.

You cannot force anyone to grow or change. They have to choose that path on their own. You, however, have every opportunity to change your life. When you stop focusing on what someone else needs to stop or start doing, you make room for your growth.

This can be uncomfortable because you are having to take an honest look at your life. Take time every day to ask yourself if you are becoming the person you desire to be. If the answer is no, delve deeper and work to make the changes necessary to bring you one step closer.